C-lon Bead Cord Sample Cards

C-lon bead cord is now available in 96 colors – and another 8 will be arriving soon! C-lon is a superior bead cord for micro macrame, bead crochet with 8/0 or larger seed beads, stringing, and kumihimo. It has a 34 lbs breaking strength, and is approx. 0.5mm diameter. (4 or 8 per pack, 82-86 yds per bobbin).

Wholesale customers can now purchase new C-lon Bead Cord sample cards. Our devoted staff lovingly hand-wound and assembled these sets of cards. They are helpful when choosing the perfect color for your latest project.

C-lon Bead Cord Sample Cards

C-lon Bead Cord Sample Cards

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Bead Sample Cards

Shopping for seed bead colors online can be frustrating because computer monitors are different everywhere and the bead colors are never exactly the same as they appear online. The next best thing to having all the colors of Miyuki beads in your house or store is to have Miyuki sample cards as a comprehensive reference. About 1/2 – 3/4 of an inch of each color bead is hand-sewn onto each numbered card.

Bead Sample Card

part of the 11/0 Miyuki Sample Card

Sample cards are a great reference when trying to match a color, plan a new project, or check out the huge variety of Japanese seed beads that Miyuki offers. There are quite a few cards because Miyuki makes so many colors of seed beads and Delica beads. Most customers start out with the Delica Sample Card set and move on to the whole collection over time.

You can also see bead sample cards with Flash player on Miyuki’s website. Of course the colors may still be a bit wonky.

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