Columbian Clay Bead Bracelet





Cool Color Palate

11-2075 - 11/0 Matte Op Cobalt Luster
6-1251 - 6/0 Matte Met Turquoise
STR5-401FR – 5/0 Sharp Triangle Matte Black AB
CCD-2-001: Clay beads approx 5x2mm Blue
CCD-2-007: Clay beads approx 5x2mm Green
2′ of .015 C-flex beading wire
2 crimps
1 clasp

Repeat the pattern of 11/0 – blue clay – 11/0 – sharp triangle – 11/0 green clay – 11/0 – 6/0 – until desired length is reached. Add clasp.

Alternate warm color palate

11-2005 – 11/0 Matte Met Dk Raspberry Iris
6-1255 – 6/0 Matte Met Dk Bronze
STR5-2005 – 5/0 Sharp Triangle Matte Met Dk Raspberry Iris
CCD-2-009: Clay beads approx 5x2mm Terra
CCD-2-010: Clay beads approx 5x2mm Orange

See some other design ideas here.

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Sharp Triangle Beads

This new triangle shape from Miyuki has sharper edges than the original triangle beads and some of them can be a little bit irregular, similar to the 4x4mm cube bead. It looks like the more recent shipments have corrected the irregular shape, which I think might be a disappointment to the people who were taking advantage of the slightly natural and organic feel of the irregular shape, but pleasing to all the beadweavers and those who enjoy the regularity of Miyuki beads in general.

You can shop here for Sharp Triangle Beads, and Miyuki is offering some ideas and patterns on their site.

This necklace has a free pattern on the Miyuki site.

I have been using the Sharp Triangle Beads to edge my bead embroidery, because they fit together beautifully and their slight irregularity helps to hide any uneven places along the edge. You can see them used in my latest Necklace and Bracelet.

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Ultrasuede and more bead embroidery

We are now carrying a variety of lovely colors of the ultrasuede to use in your bead embroidery projects. It was developed for upholstery, and has nearly no stretch both side to side and on the diagonal. Slightly thick and plushy, it is a forgiving material to work with and survives pulling stitches out and doing them over several times (I have tested this personally).

Here is my latest bead embroidery project –

As always, I encourage you to start out with The Art of Bead Embroidery book, which has a number of good first projects in it.

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Moroccan Tile Bracelet in Super Beadwork Magazine

Heather’s Moroccan Tile Bracelet made using Miyuki Tila Beads appears in the June/July issue of Super Beadwork Magazine.

Tila Bead Bracelet

We’ve had a lot of people ask which colors were used, so here is a list for each:

Green Bracelet

TL-2008 – Matte Met Patina Iris Miyuki Tila Bead
TL-468 – Met Malachite Green Iris Miyuki Tila Bead
DP28-2008 – Matte Met Patina Iris 2.8mm Miyuki Drop Bead
11-468 – 11/0 Met Malachite Green Iris Miyuki Seed Bead
15-1890 – 15/0 Emerald Gold Luster Miyuki Seed Bead

Gold Bracelet

TL-2006 – Matte Met Dk Bronze Miyuki Tila Bead
TL-457 – Met Dk Bronze Miyuki Tila Bead
DP28-4202 – Duracoat Galvanized Gold 2.8mm Miyuki Drop Bead
11-199 – 11/0 24kt Gold Iris Miyuki Seed Bead
15-199 – 15/0 24kt Gold Iris Miyuki Seed Bead

Black Bracelet

TL-401 – Black Miyuki Tila Bead
TL-401F – Matte Black Miyuki Tila Bead
DP28-401 – Black 2.8mm Miyuki Drop Bead
11-401 – 11/0 Black Miyuki Seed Bead
15-401 – 15/0 Black Miyuki Seed Bead

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Long Magatama Spiral Stitch Bracelet


Large Magatama Spiral Stitch Bracelet

Large Magatama Spiral Stitch Bracelet

materials –

Japanese beading needles or Big Eye Needles
1 spool CLMC-OL – C-lon Micro Cord Olive
2 tubes LMA-2008 – 4.7mm Matte Met Patina Iris Long Magatama
1 tube 8-217 – 8/0 Forest Green Lined Crystal Miyuki Seed Beads
1 tube 11-2013 – 11/0 Matte Met Dk Olive Iris Miyuki Seed Beads
1 clasp

alternate colors:

CLMC-WN – C-lon Micro Cord Wine
LMA-142fr - 4.7mm Matte Tr Smoky Amethyst AB Long Magatama
8-410fr – 8/0 Matte Op Mauve AB Miyuki Seed Beads
11-360 – 11/0 Lined Lt Amethyst AB Miyuki Seed Beads

Large Magatama Spiral Stitch Bracelet Detail

Step 1 – Add four 8/0 seed beads to your thread. They will become the inner core of your spiral stitch. Then add a group of three – one 11/0, one long magatama, one 11/0.

Step 2 – Sew back up through the four 8/0s to create the first loop of your spiral. Each time you add a new loop, you will want to rotate the work in the same direction, so that each new loop is added to the left of the previous loop.

Step 3 – Add one 8/0 seed bead, and a group of three – one 11/0, one long magatama, one 11/0. This is the same grouping that you will repeat from now on. Sew back up through the top three 8/0s in your core and then up through the new 8/0 that you just added. This leaves only the group of three loop on the exterior of your spiral.

Step 4 – Repeat step three until you have reached your desired length. Remember that you will need additional length because the design is somewhat wide in circumference.


Large Magatama Spiral Stitch Bracelet in Purple

Large Magatama Spiral Stitch Bracelet in Purple

Be whimsical and creative with your colors and clasp choices. Send us a picture of your version of this bracelet and we’ll post it on the blog for everyone to admire!

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Bead Embroidery Belt

My next bead embroidery project was a great first effort in combining my beadwork with Jeff’s leatherwork. I really like the organic feeling that the bead embroidery produces, and I’m a big fan of The Art of Bead Embroidery for its simple how-to instructions and beautiful pictures. I used a Japanese crest pattern as the basis for the design, and then embroidered it using lots of old African brass beads with pearls, shells and Japanese seed beads.

Keep an eye out for more combination bead and leather projects on our site Chrononaut Mercantile.

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Tila Bead Square Stitch Bracelet

Tila Bead Bracelet

Japanese Beading Needle
C-lon Thread (Size D)
2 colors of Miyuki Tila Beads
(shown in TL-468 and TL-2008)
15/0 Seed Beads (15-453)

1. Begin bracelet by adding one Tila, one 15/0 two times (I alternate colors each time I add a Tila but this is optional), then another Tila. Add three 15/0s and go back down through the opposite side of the Tila beads, adding one 15/0 between each. Add three 15/0s and go back up though the first side where you began. You will have created a bar of Tila beads separated by 15/0s, with three 15/0s on each end from hole to hole.

2. Go down though the right side of your first Tila so your thread is emerging from the bottom hole. Add a new Tila bead, and loop back through the first Tila (square stitch) from top to bottom. Go through the 15/0 and the next Tila bead on the first row and repeat. You will have three new Tila beads each one attached to the three Tila beads on the first row, but one level above. Make sure your new Tila beads are sitting on top of the previous row.

3. Go up through the bottom Tila bead of your new row, and add one 15/0. Go up through the next Tila and repeat. Go through the top Tila and add three 15/0s and arch across the top of the Tila and go down through the opposite side of the same bead. Add one 15/0 between each Tila hole, and add three 15/0s across the bottom of the Tila row. Go up through the entire left-hand side of the row and back down through the right side of the top Tila so you can begin your next row.

4. Repeat steps two and three until you reach your desired length. Add a clasp. This will also make a wonderful necklace. Please share your own images of Tila bead work with us, and we will post them on the blog!

Tila Bracelet Detail

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Star Fruit Bracelet

For the avid beaders among you – Heather’s Star Fruit Bracelet appears in the upcoming August/September issue of Beadwork Magazine.

The colors for the purple bracelet are (from the middle out) 8mm Jet, 6mm Purple Velvet, 5mm Tanzanite, 4mm Lt Amethyst and 3mm Violet.

The colors for the brown bracelet are (from the middle) 8mm Smoke Topaz, 6mm Crystal Copper, 5mm Fuschia, 4mm Ruby and 3mm Amethyst.

You can purchase the magazine or the kits here.

You can also purchase the completed bracelet on her website Chrononaut Mercantile.

Beadwork Magazine Aug/Sept 2010

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