Columbian Clay Bead Bracelet

Cool Color Palate

11-2075 – 11/0 Matte Op Cobalt Luster
6-1251 – 6/0 Matte Met Turquoise
STR5-401FR – 5/0 Sharp Triangle Matte Black AB
CCD-2-001: Clay beads approx 5x2mm Blue
CCD-2-007: Clay beads approx 5x2mm Green
2′ of .015 C-flex beading wire
2 crimps
1 clasp

Repeat the pattern of 11/0 – blue clay – 11/0 – sharp triangle – 11/0 green clay – 11/0 – 6/0 – until desired length is reached. Add clasp.

Alternate warm color palate

11-2005 – 11/0 Matte Met Dk Raspberry Iris
6-1255 – 6/0 Matte Met Dk Bronze
STR5-2005 – 5/0 Sharp Triangle Matte Met Dk Raspberry Iris
CCD-2-009: Clay beads approx 5x2mm Terra
CCD-2-010: Clay beads approx 5x2mm Orange

See some other design ideas here.

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