Sharp Triangle Beads

This new triangle shape from Miyuki has sharper edges than the original triangle beads and some of them can be a little bit irregular, similar to the 4x4mm cube bead. It looks like the more recent shipments have corrected the irregular shape, which I think might be a disappointment to the people who were taking advantage of the slightly natural and organic feel of the irregular shape, but pleasing to all the beadweavers and those who enjoy the regularity of Miyuki beads in general.

You can shop here for Sharp Triangle Beads, and Miyuki is offering some ideas and patterns on their site.

This necklace has a free pattern on the Miyuki site.

I have been using the Sharp Triangle Beads to edge my bead embroidery, because they fit together beautifully and their slight irregularity helps to hide any uneven places along the edge. You can see them used in my latest Necklace and Bracelet.

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  1. Sylvie Dufour

    Gorgeous,this bracelet and i love those Sharp Triangles awesome,that’s MIYUKI for shure!

  2. Lori

    I LOVE the bracelet and the look of the projects. What a great idea for the stone cone shapes. Prickly looking with great elegant beauty as well. Inspiring. I love Miyuki beads, the triangles and squares are fun. They are the best quality too, very little culling. After I move this looks like a great project to commemorate my new place.

  3. Mexican SLC

    Very beautiful necklaces. That first image from Miyuki site looks like a pattern from an ancient Mexican civilization. Very pretty!

  4. Corinne Floyd

    Your work is amazing…thank you for the inspiration

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