String-Me-Along Bag and Workspace

String Me Along Bag

When I was asked to try out this bead project carryall, I was a little bit doubtful. I had perfected my own combination of fabric napkin and small bag stuffed with smaller zip lock bags, and found it hard to imagine that this could be any different. The String-Me-Along includes a clear, interchangeable project exchange bag (I have three) to hold supplies, and a work surface that is the unrolled bag with a velveteen interior. The whole thing rolls up and is secured with a strong elastic strap for travel, and the project exchange bags can unsnap and be exchanged for another project already in the works. It is really cool. I love mine, and it has been living in my purse since I got it.

String Me Along Bag Open

It is easy to pull it out, work for a while, and then stuff everything back in and pop it back in your bag – isn’t that the real test? Also, it has a plastic window in the back which (although I have yet to try) seems perfect for sliding in business cards or your address in case your project is left behind somewhere. It has survived the tough love that everything I own undergoes, as I run around between three jobs and try to bead in my free time. The project exchange bag has its own structure to help protect the beads inside. Some clever folks put this together, I think most beaders will need to own several! The String-Me-Along is $24.50, with an extra two-pack of project exchange bags for $12.50.

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  1. Beverly Herman

    I would like to try on of these. I am always toting around bead projects in plastic bags inside of my purse. Thanks for a great review.

  2. Catherine Todd

    This looks like a great idea, but is very expensive. I’ve used the same zipped clear plastic bags that I bought at the dollar store or Walmart’s for $1 to $3.00. Why are they $12.00 for two here?


    As a family owned business, we always prefer to help out some other nice creative folks rather than a big box department store. We look for quality made items which won’t end up being thrown away, but another great cost-saving option is to look at Goodwill or any place where you might find similar items which can be reused.

  4. Sally Anderson

    Can you tell me where to buy this and the extra bags? I’m really interested in it but a Google search has only resulted in one seller on Etsy and her price is way way higher than this. Thanks. My email is sba13221 at flash dot net if you wouldn’t mind emailing me. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

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