Tila Bead Square Stitch Bracelet

Tila Bead Bracelet

Japanese Beading Needle
C-lon Thread (Size D)
2 colors of Miyuki Tila Beads
(shown in TL-468 and TL-2008)
15/0 Seed Beads (15-453)

1. Begin bracelet by adding one Tila, one 15/0 two times (I alternate colors each time I add a Tila but this is optional), then another Tila. Add three 15/0s and go back down through the opposite side of the Tila beads, adding one 15/0 between each. Add three 15/0s and go back up though the first side where you began. You will have created a bar of Tila beads separated by 15/0s, with three 15/0s on each end from hole to hole.

2. Go down though the right side of your first Tila so your thread is emerging from the bottom hole. Add a new Tila bead, and loop back through the first Tila (square stitch) from top to bottom. Go through the 15/0 and the next Tila bead on the first row and repeat. You will have three new Tila beads each one attached to the three Tila beads on the first row, but one level above. Make sure your new Tila beads are sitting on top of the previous row.

3. Go up through the bottom Tila bead of your new row, and add one 15/0. Go up through the next Tila and repeat. Go through the top Tila and add three 15/0s and arch across the top of the Tila and go down through the opposite side of the same bead. Add one 15/0 between each Tila hole, and add three 15/0s across the bottom of the Tila row. Go up through the entire left-hand side of the row and back down through the right side of the top Tila so you can begin your next row.

4. Repeat steps two and three until you reach your desired length. Add a clasp. This will also make a wonderful necklace. Please share your own images of Tila bead work with us, and we will post them on the blog!

Tila Bracelet Detail

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  1. Linda

    I can hardly wait to buy some of these tila beads, they are really gorgeous. A stunning bracelet!

  2. Annie

    Very elegant!
    I’ve seen this type of beads in the different beads supplier and I was wondering how to use them…
    Now, I see and I’ll try :-)
    Thanks a lot for sharing

  3. Anne 8000

    Merci pour ce tutorial avec ces nouvelles perles.

  4. Sylvie Dufour

    WOW! it’s a lovely Bracelet and i like square stitch,thank’s to share whit other beader’s like me.
    I love TILA BEADS whe could make Amazing Designs.

  5. Barbara

    I like ti work with Tila beads. have maney design challanges. The Bracelet is very nice and I will try it out

  6. Charleen Winn

    This is such a fun braclet. I like this braclet so much,thank your for sharing it.

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